Big adventures for the little ones

At Gammelmark Strand Camping you are never far away from one of our playgrounds, because we have plenty of them! Spread out all over the campsite, we have more than 5 playgrounds made for every taste.
We have made sure there are challenges enough for kids in all ages. So if you kids like cable slides, swings, sandboxes or playing ball, there are lots of opportunities at Gammelmark Strand Camping.

At Gammelmark we have kids visiting us in all ages and from all of europe, so if you bring your kids we are sure that they will have a great time. Who knows if they will get new friends? Become the new European Champions of Moon Car Racing? Or learn how to say swing set in a foreign language? Our experience is that the kids visiting us play happily together no matter where they are from and who they are. We have space for everyone, even in the sandpit.

If our playgrounds are too small, you can always explore the nature and animals around Gammelmark. You can find out more about the wildlife and nature around Gammelmark here.

We also have multiple alternatives to our playgrounds. So feel free to visit our tv-room, the beach or our swimmingpool.

Feeling adventurous? Then there are plenty of Geocaching spots around the area of the campsite. Your journey starts here.